Living until 92 and 90, who plans for that?

Take a look at a happily married couple who have simply run out of the funds that have lasted until now. Their adult children have been footing a large monthly bill in order for them to age in their home with full time in home care. When the best laid plans run their course, a reverse mortgage can be the logical solution. Many of the older clients I have dealt with over the past 7 years simply never thought about living beyond what the government actuarial numbers told them, usually somewhere in their 80's. If you ask a 90 year old the following question: "when you were 65, did you ever expect to live to 90?", I'd venture to guess that they will tell you "no way!" So, the next question to explore is this - how many financial planners are using "old" numbers to calculate how long the plan should last? And then, should they look at home Equity? Or, should they include the reverse mortgage as part of the plan? My next post will attempt to answer the question for good!